The Gangtey Valley, also known Probjikha Valley is one of the most beautiful destinations in Bhutan. It is the winter home to a group of globally endangered black necked cranes that flew every year from the Tibetan Plateau to this place. It is located altitude of 2900 m, which comes under Wangdue Dzongkhag and designated as conservation area surrounded by the Black Mountain and host to black-necked crane.
The village is also famous for its resident monastery named Gangtey Monastery which was built in 1613 and renovated in 2008. Monastery is perched on a small hill that rises from the valley floor. The Monastery is surrounded by a large village inhabited mainly by the families of the Gomchens who take care of the Monastery. The valley boasts two beautiful meandering rivers, Nakay Chhu (Chhu Naap-black water) and Gay Chhu (Chhu Karp-white water).

List of Best Attractions in and around Gangtey or Phobjika Valley:

Gangtey Goempa

Gangtey Goempa, also called the Gangteng Sangngak Chöling, was established in 1613 by the first Peling Gyalsé Rinpoche, who was the grandson of the great Bhutanese “treasure revealer” Terton Pema Lingpa. The Gangtey monastery, is rest on top a small hill that rises from the valley floor. During winter monks families, together with the monastery’s ten monks, move away to another monastery, a day’s walk to the south. Gangtey, is the only Nyingmapa monastery on the western side of the Black Mountain’s and is also the biggest Nyingmapa monastery in Bhutan. It is directed by Gangtey Tulku, the ninth reincarnation (Tulku) to bear that name.

Black Necked Crane Information Centre

Black Necked Crane Information Centre is situated on the edge of the forest and wetland along the main road of Phobjikha valley. It is the winter home for endangered species of cranes migrating from Tibet in late autumn and typically stay till the mid-march. The wetland in the center of Phobjikha valley provides the nesting grounds and natural habitat for these black necked cranes. Local also sell handicraft which are produce locally.