Best time to Visit Bhutan


The Spring Season months are March, April & May. One of the best times to visit Bhutan is in spring. During the season, splashes of colors rival the multicolored prayer flags on high passes. As elsewhere, the mother-nature comes into full life with flowers in bloom wherever the journey take place. Most major festivals take place during the spring.

Events & Festivals

Rhododendron season (March to May): Similar to Nepal, Bhutan’s landscapes are at their best at this time of year before the monsoon arrives, with colorful rhododendrons carpeting the hillsides.

Trekking in Bhutan (October to November and March to April): Trekking is a wonderful way to see the beautiful scenery of this wonderful, little-visited country. These months offer the best weather for mountain walks and overnight stays in characterful teahouses


The Autumn Season months are September, October & November. Autumn season is most pleasant with favourable weather and crispy cool Himalayan breeze sweeping throughout the country. It is also the end of farming season, thus, freeing the rural population to participate in the annual festivals and community events.

September, October and November are ideal for hiking, seeing festivals (particularly the popular Thimphu Tshechu) and enjoying stunning views and pleasant temperatures. Expect it to be around 25°C in the sun, but there will be cooler temperatures in the evenings and at higher altitudes.

Black-necked cranes migrate from the Tibetan Plateau to the protected Phobjikha Valley each year. They remain in the region from late October to early February. In Gangtey, a special festival is held every November to celebrate the arrival of the birds. Plan ahead if you want to be a part of it.


The Summer Season months are June, July & August. One of the most pleasant times to be in Bhutan is in summer. Rains fall during the summer season and it is considered wettest season, but the annual rainfalls are tolerable. Being a mountainous country, sometimes incessant rainfall over a week cause minor landslides but cause no major road blocks. There are few Summer Festivals & events.


The Winter Season months are December, January & February. Winter months are comparatively cold but not severe and fierce winters. While Bhutan has high mountains under perpetual snow cover, the snow fall in the river basins are rare where most settlements exist. Thimphu, the capital city at 2822m hardly receives one or two light snow falls during the winter. There are few Winter Festivals.